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Our Services and Areas of Expertise:

  • New Product Development
  • RFP Specifications and Concept Proposals
  • Competitive Research and Market Analysis
  • IPTV infrastructure and Support
  • Live Webcast Management and Support
  • OVP and CDN Evaluation and Support
  • Workflow Analysis and Automation
  • Multi-format Encoding, Publishing and Delivery Expertise
  • Multiple CDN Integration and Support

What streaming platform is best for our needs? What software should we use to compress our content?  What is the best codec and container format for us?  How can we publish for mobile devices?  Do we need to have our content secured?  What questions should we ask before signing up with a live webcast company or hosting provider?  Do we need a CDN or should we build our own?

The world of streaming media and online video is a complicated place. It is a field of internet technology that has been through many changes in the past 12 years, and those changes are still underway.  The long term success of your streaming media project requires that you make sense of this complexity.  To do this you need someone you can trust to help you find the most appropriate solutions for your needs, someone with extensive and current technical knowledge and expertise, who can help you arrive at the best possible streaming media solution or strategy. That's were we come in.

We offer expert and trustworthy guidance.  Contact us for a consultation.
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