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Brightcove Acquires Zencoder Print E-mail
Written by John Doyle   
Sunday, 05 August 2012 03:04


This acquisition was a very shrewed move for Brightcove. One challenge for new and upcoming online video and streaming producers is the accessibilty of low-cost, effective and scalable encoding. Since as far back as 2000, FFMPEG has been a powerful solution, but FFMPEG was only ever meant for the hardcore streaming and technically initiated few. Brightcove was the first to offer an accessible integrated encoding and publishing solution and in doing this, they single handedly created and dominated the OVP market, transforming the streaming media and encoding landscape to an extent that is second only to Youtube and Flash. Today there are many decent OVP's to choose from, but the best solutions, the ones that offer the full package of functionality, scalability, reliability and white-labling have been Brightcove and Ooyala. All this started to change in 2010 when Zencoder launched its affordable and highly scalable cloud encoding services. With Zencoder and Amazon Cloud services, the barriers to entry for new and upcoming scalable online video applications were effectively removed. Currently, the ability to create one's own new scalable online video service is open to any company with little to no capital expenditure. Brightcove has offerred assurance that they are "fully committed to undisrupted success with Zencoder products and services." and that they anticipate "no planned changes to pricing or terms of service." Good news for existing Zencoder customers who are presently happy with the service, but Brightcove's assurance says nothing about the future of Zencoder.

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